Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to the Old Bump and Grind... Menu Plan Restart

After a couple weeks of sickness and getting our house together while being "quarantined", I am ready to get back to a good routine. For us, a good routine always starts with a menu plan and good home-cooked meals. (Check out my other blog... :) )

This week, we will be focusing on using up some cooked chicken. There will be quite a few chicken dishes but that won't kill us. :)

Sunday, June 30th
Treat of Tim Horton's
Cheesy beef and rice, salad

Monday, July 1st
Smoothies, fruit
Sandwiches and pretzels
MIL's birthday dinner

Tuesday, July 2nd
Yoghurt, fruit
Spaghetti, garlic biscuits
Chili, salad, corn bread

Wednesday, July 3rd
Breakfast cookies, fruit
Cheese, crackers, fruit
Three cheese garlic pasta, peas, salad

Thursday, July 4th
Easy breakfast casserole, yoghurt
4th of July festivities

Friday, July 5th
Toast, fruit
Hot dogs, chips
Chicken enchiladas, refried beans

Saturday, July 6th
Pancakes, breakfast meat
Chicken Divan, salad

Goodness! I feel so much better already! Who would have thought a simple menu plan would take the weight of the world (or at least a bit) off my shoulders?!

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