Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Really Want to Apologize...

but after much prayer and soul searching, One Blessed Mama of Boys will be out of commission for a while.

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Slow and Steady

We are working slow and steady towards organic/natural/whole living and financial freedom. We are taking the slow and steady approach.

The few areas in which we are concentrating on working towards those goals are:
  1. eating at home instead of out at restaurants or drive-thru options.
  2. turning off our air.
  3. not using our clothes dryer.
  4. becoming a paperless house.
  5. reusing items we need that we already have at our house.
  6. going to the grocery store the least amount possible.
These goals are all going fairly well.

We ate out this past weekend more than we should have. I was tired and had worked hard and I didn't want to go to the kitchen and work more. However, we are getting back on the horse this week.

Turning off our air. It cooled down and then on Monday, it went back up to 90*. We made it through and now I feel as if we are in the the home stretch of the summer heat.

We are doing lots better at using the clothes line and not the dryer. It is actually going really well!

Besides toilet paper, we are now a paperless house. Once the paper arrives, I hope we are in the habit of using all cloth products so that cloth diapering will just come as second nature.

Working on the nursery last weekend was a great time and I am so excited that we are using items we already have around the house. We had to clean them up and give them a little TLC but they fit right in and we spent NO money! Exciting stuff!

We have not been going to the grocery store as much. That one is simple.

How is your adventure in frugal and natural living going?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gratituesday: A Quiet Weekend

Do I have any snappy pictures to show of this weekend?


Do I have any exciting stories of what happened this weekend?


Do you know what I DO have?

I have a grateful heart. That's what I DO have.

This weekend was just what I needed. Nothing exciting happened. The phone didn't ring all that much. There was no one demanding our attention. Everyone knew we were busy and that we wanted to spend time together as a family. Our families honored our request.

We got a few things done (the biggest thing was the baby's nursery!). We played games. Rested and relaxed. It was great. It was marvelous. It was just what we needed.

I feel so refreshed and so blessed. I am so thankful!

Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

Monday, September 6, 2010

MPM #4

This week Dylan starts school. I can honestly say that I am more terrified than he is! :)

After a weekend of working hard and busting the budget by going out to eat, I am vowing to get back on the horse! So here is the menu plan for this week:

Monday: salmon patties and baked potatoes

Tuesday: pizza and carrot sticks

Wednesday: chicken stir-fry

Thursday: spaghetti and salad greens

Friday: egg burrito casserole and fried apples

Saturday: chicken quesadillas, refried beans, chips and salsa

Sunday: chicken alfredo and bread sticks

If you read last weeks post, you probably know things did not go as planned. This week, I plan on just getting myself and my house back on track.

What will you be serving at your table this week?
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Holy Baby! 26 weeks

This has been my easiest, healthiest pregnancy yet. I am so blessed!

However, I am the biggest I have ever been also. I am now bigger at 26 weeks than I was when I gave birth to my others.

Even larger, I would do nothing to change this pregnancy. He is so healthy and I am amazed and in awe of God's goodness!

Thanks so much for your friendship and prayers. They are much appreciated! After a couple nights of good sleep and time to digest, I feel much better. Thanks again!
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Simple Living: It's Just Easier to be Truthful and Transparent

A few weeks ago, I introduced a new series on Living Simple. Last week, I wrote about how my ideal simple life would look.  This week I was going to talk about what the dictionary says "simple" means and the negative connotation that some put with the word.

However, I have promised this blog to be full of transparency and real life.

If you have not noticed, I will make you aware of the fact that I promised to begin a writing schedule and would do my best to follow through with it unless real life happened and yet I have NOT been on here the past two days.

Well my friends... Real life happened and real life is kicking my tail end.

Today I want to write about how having an open, honest and transparent attitude and life can make things a little more simple. There is NO pretending, no comparing and usually no hurt feelings.

I can tell you honestly that this is one of the situations going on in my life. I was the one that was left out with hurt feelings, an aching heart and feeling left out and unwanted. I wish I can describe that heart felt pain I have in areas that I never knew could hurt but it is slow in healing.

I wish friends I could  assure you that this is all of what is going on, the worst, the extent, but dear friends, it's only the beginning...

We have been thrust into a life that can only be described as an HBO movie. There has been drugs, violence, sex and pain (not on our end). We have tried and tried to get those the Lord has brought to us out of it and it has caused hurt and pain. We are still searching for God's calling and direction but we are terribly confused.

Think that is a lot (maybe not by some of your standards but we live a relatively quiet life)? Well guess what!! The best is yet to come...

A few weeks ago, Dylan was complaining that his finger was really "squallen" (swollen). With all the rough-housing and craziness that goes along with a house full of boys, I thought nothing of it. After a couple of weeks, I had decided to call the Dr. but had never gotten around to it.

Tuesday morning, he came down and was complaining that it felt funny. We didn't have anything to do that day so I thought I'd run up the street to the pediatrician and have the splinter lanced and then he'd have the afternoon to re coop.

Getting to the Dr., it was quickly announced that it wasn't just a splinter that had gotten infected but that we needed to head to Children's Hospital for an x-ray and ultrasound. I was in disbelief. IT WAS JUST A SPLINTER!

After a long day of problems, testing and worried anticipation... The diagnosis was a desmoid tumor. A rare, rare, rare, rare (like 9 out of a million) tumor. It is still hard to read, to type, to believe.

 Do I believe and even KNOW that God is going to deliver us? ABSO-STINKIN-LUTELY! But as a mother that cries when her babies have runny noses (and who is 25 weeks pregnant! Hormones make you so irrational sometimes!), this is almost too much to bear...

The surgeon called this morning and we are going in for a consult in a couple of weeks. It is looking like surgery is the going to be the course of action.

On behalf of our family, Andy and I truly covet and beg of your prayers!

And for the love of a simple of life, be honest and open about what's going on in your lives! :)