Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Slow and Steady

We are working slow and steady towards organic/natural/whole living and financial freedom. We are taking the slow and steady approach.

The few areas in which we are concentrating on working towards those goals are:
  1. eating at home instead of out at restaurants or drive-thru options.
  2. turning off our air.
  3. not using our clothes dryer.
  4. becoming a paperless house.
  5. reusing items we need that we already have at our house.
  6. going to the grocery store the least amount possible.
These goals are all going fairly well.

We ate out this past weekend more than we should have. I was tired and had worked hard and I didn't want to go to the kitchen and work more. However, we are getting back on the horse this week.

Turning off our air. It cooled down and then on Monday, it went back up to 90*. We made it through and now I feel as if we are in the the home stretch of the summer heat.

We are doing lots better at using the clothes line and not the dryer. It is actually going really well!

Besides toilet paper, we are now a paperless house. Once the paper arrives, I hope we are in the habit of using all cloth products so that cloth diapering will just come as second nature.

Working on the nursery last weekend was a great time and I am so excited that we are using items we already have around the house. We had to clean them up and give them a little TLC but they fit right in and we spent NO money! Exciting stuff!

We have not been going to the grocery store as much. That one is simple.

How is your adventure in frugal and natural living going?

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