Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Blogging Means to Me

What does Blogging mean to you?

I wish I could express how much sharing with all of you means to me. I have missed writing and being a part of your lives.

I was reading through a blog that I read daily and she was talking about beginning a writing schedule.

I really like this idea and I am thinking about trying to put one in place. The schedule I am looking at trying is this:
* Monday- From around the house. This will include menu plans, weekly plans and happenings from around our home.
* Tuesday- I love taking part in Gratituesday and will continue to do so.
* Wednesday- As you all know, we are slowly (slow and steady wins the race) migrating towards natural, organic living. I will write about an area we are working on and how that is going/went.
*Thursday- The Simple Living series
*Friday- Financial Fridays: We, along with most others, are trying to reach financial freedom and be good stewards with the resources God has given us. I will focus on this topic on Fridays.

If I post on the weekends, which is not likely, they will be about random topics.

Please be patient as I try to implement this new schedule and please remember that life happens. I am a very pregnant wife and mother of two young children and things come up unexpectedly.

I cannot wait to begin this new journey!
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