Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Alive!!!

So... You know it's been way too long when people start deleting you off their blog that they read you! Goodness... Well here I am again... Seems like I am barely hanging on but I am here... 22 weeks pregnant and all!!

Anyone wanna take a guess at what the gender is? I'm going to give you a huge hint! I apparently can only have one type! :)

That's right! Welcome baby boy #3 in December! Now I have got to be completely honest with y'all, we are having an extremely hard time coming up with a boys name. I have some, well, rules about naming....
  1. The first name has to end in "n"... Dylan, Lincoln... etc... I come from a family of ALL "J" beginning names and while it seems like a good idea, it wasn't. If anyone looks our way (or we think they are) and says a word that begins with "J", we answer!
  2. There has to be a family name in there somewhere. I want family legacy to continue.
  3. It can't start with an already used letter in our little family unit. So... No "J", "A", "D" or "L".
I know... I'm a bit crazy! :)

Well this was just a quick "checking in" post. I am really hoping to get back on the blogging wagon. It's amazing how much I enjoy and need it, yet it always seems to take a back burner to everything else around here. But it's important to me that y'all know that I miss you and PUT me back on your lists! (wink!)

Know any good boy names that follow my rules? Feel free to leave them!

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MrsKBJ said...

Hi Jodi!!

I found this list online for you. Just skip the J, D, A, AND L's :O)

I have always liked teh name Owen for a boy and Luke, but that doesnt end in a n. Payton is great too. I like Braden too. Lots of great names below....

Aidan, Alan, Alban, Alden, Alton, Alwyn, Arden, Ashton, Austin, Balin, Bannon, Baron, Bevan, Boston, Braden, Brandon, Brannon, Branson, Brendan, Brennan, Brenton, Britton, Brogan, Bronson, Bryson, Byron, Caden, Camden, Camron, Canton, Carson, Carsten, Cason, Chayton, Christian, Clayton, Clinton, Colin, Colman, Colton, Conan, Corbin, Corin, Crispin, Cullen, Dallin, Dalton, Damon, Darian, Davin, Dawson, Dayton, Deon, Devin, Devon, Dillion, Dillon, Dorian, Draven, Duncan, Dunstan, Dustin, Dylan, Eamon, Easton, Egan, Elden, Elkan, Elton, Emlyn, Ethan, Evan, Ewan, Faron, Galen, Gannon, Gavin, Glendon, Grayson, Griffin, Hayden, Holden, Jackson, Jaden, Jalen, Jaron, Javen, Jaxon, Jordan, Justin, Keaton, Keegan, Keenan, Kellen, Kelton, Kenton, Kenyon, Kian, Kieran, Kingston, Kylan, Landon, Larson, Lavin, Lawson, Layton, Logan, London, Lorcan, Mahlon, Marlon, Mason, Morgan, Nathan, Nolan, Owen, Paxton, Peyton, Quentin, Quinlan, Quinton, Riordan, Rohan, Ronan, Ryan, Rylan, Soren, Stetson, Talon, Tarian, Tevin, Tiernan, Timon, Tobin, Trenton, Trevin, Tristan, Tyson, Weston