Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sincerely Fro Me to You -- Jet Ski Incident

We met our good friends down at the Lake. I had just had Lincoln a few weeks prior and my good friend "S" with 9 months pregnant. The Lake was windy and bumpy but "S" decided she wanted to go jet skiing to try to go into labor. They have one of those concrete things and not an actual dock. So this is my friend "S" and I trying to get on the jet ski. *Disclaimer* This isn't pretty people!

We were trying to get on the jet ski without our husbands knowing.

Here comes "S" husband and he holds it so I can get on.

Okay! We're both on!!

Now we're both off.. We were laughing so hard we had to swim away from each other.. :)
"S" husband was not a real happy guy.
So probably not the smartest thing we could have done. We eventually, after a lot of hard work, made it on. "S" didn't go into labor, but I think there was a better chance of us laughing her into labor than her jet skiing.. :)
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