Friday, May 27, 2011

Looking Ahead to June

Are there any seriously dependent list makers out there like me? I cannot live without my lists. I tried and seriously came unraveled.

One thing that I'd like to begin doing on my blog is making goals for the month ahead. That would bring us to June.

In June....

My goals in the kitchen are:
  • be more diligent in taking care of my water kefir, dairy kefir and sourdough starter. I need to feed them properly and actually use them. 
  • tackle the area of breakfast. Breakfast is usually just thrown together. I am terrible at actually planning ahead and soaking and preparing for it. I will be adding breakfast to my menu plans.
  • to begin making my own granola. My family LOVES granola in our yoghurt. This would be an exciting treat for my kids. I will be scouring the Internet for good granola recipes.. Know of any?
My homemaking goals are:
  • to begin a cleaning routine.
  • to have a specific baking/preparing day.
My frugality goals are:
  • to be more intentional about my time. Making the most of it and not just wandering from one thing to another. Do things that matter and have a positive affect on my family, me and those around me.
  • stop eating out.
 My gardening goals are:
  • to take pictures and be more diligent in documenting on journey. I am notorious for coming up with good ideas, them working and then the next year totally forgetting what I did.
Books I will be reading:
How about you? Any intentional ideas for next month?


Jhona O. said...

I have a yummy granola recipe! I'll e-mail it to you. I'm not on FB anymore.

Courtney said...

In keeping garden documentation, I can see you liking these note cards. You can just keep it all in a recipe file.

Good luck not wandering from thing to thing aimlessly, I'd like to hear how that works out for you. ;)