Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Sometimes I feel as if my life just took off without me. All of the sudden I was out of high school doing stupid things and the next I was a mother and a wife. I catch myself wondering if I really ever figured out who I was and if I ever grew up.

Enter meltdown...

My oldest son is graduating from preschool this evening and moving on to all day kindergarten next year. I know y'all are laughing at me... All of the sudden this feeling came over me. I am going to be lost when I don't have kids at home anymore!

So after many days, weeks.. of praying, I decided what I want to be when I grow up. I adore being out in farm country. There is a peace that washes over me. God's beautiful country. I can feel Him in the breeze and see Him in the blowing grass in the fields. I long to be a country girl. I long to harvest our own foods and I long to be able to do it myself. I long to raise free range meat and breed horses. I long to do so much. I'm not sure just yet what my area will be but I know God's plan is great!

I have no idea to do a lot of what I will need to do but the next four years will be dedicated to trying to obtain financial security, lots of reading and research, and learning as much as I can about the life on a farm from right here in my own little suburban development.

I am beginning to garden at my home and trying to learn many other skills. I will be checking in and giving y'all progress updates and most likely some good stories of success and failure.

Join me on my journey from crazy suburbia to peaceful pastures!

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