Monday, June 1, 2009

A Book by an Inspiring Woman

Dearest friends- I want to pass on a little pearl in the rough. Most of you know that I am part of a little bloggy world and enjoy reading blogs and finding SAHMs just like me. They bring me inspiration on days when I want to pull my hear out. Today I want to share with you a little something about an encouragement I have found and a book she has written with her husband.

Now I would love to tell you that I have finished the book, but that would be a lie. I'm almost there but in all honesty it is really an incredible story of their journey and I just have to read a chapter and sit and praise God. They are such an inspiration!

Many of you know of our debt problem. We went from no debt to in the matter of a few months a crap load (best words I could find to describe). Due to medical expenses, we ended up with $30K in a matter of minutes.

I have looked into Dave Ramsey and I am so on board with his ideas but he just doesn't seem real to me. I have a hard time connecting. About the time that I was thinking about where to go next to find encouragement and support, Marybeth wrote on her blog that she was writing a book with her husband about becoming debt free.

I was excited and ordered the book right away. Now with the book in hand, I have learned so much more than just about becoming debt free. I have learned that God can heal our marriages, God can heal our ill feelings about ourselves, and God will provide, not just with money but love and peace.

Friends, Marybeth and Curt are open with their relationship and mistakes in this book. They are real people that I identify with and have come to love as a brother and sister in Christ.

This book is a go find, not just a walk and find but a RUN and find. If you need healing in the Lord when it comes to life or finances- this is a book for you.

Not only do Marybeth and Curt have an incredible book for you, they also do seminars at churches. So friends, head over to Marybeth's website, the Whalen's website, or Amazon to find this pearl of knowledge.

I cannot wait to get back to this book. Therefore, I am off and you need to go to the above resources!!

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