Thursday, May 28, 2009

God Knows Our Needs

Dearest Friends, it has been a rough few days.

I do not know how many of you know this but for about five months now I have been having female issues. I chalked it up to having a new baby, being overweight and unhealthy, and just stress. So I did not go to the doctor or tell them about it. Yesterday morning, it all hit the fan. The agonizing pain I was experiencing sent me racing to the doctor. When I called the doctor they said that I needed to come straight in (exact words were- "Jodi, this is an emergency. No dilly-dallying!) and that I would most likely be heading to the hospital for an emergency hysterectomy. Friends, I am 24 yo!! An emergency hysterectomy?!? To say I was hysterical would be an understatement!! In my mind, I just kept saying... "God I'm only 24. My family is not yet finished! Lord please, WHY ME?!?"

How selfish can one truly be?!? As I sat in the waiting room, this young girl came out crying. She looked at her husband and said, "It's ectopic. I am headed to have surgery." My heart just broke for her. She then turned to me and said, "We just moved here, we have no family or friends around, this is our first child, and we have no insurance!" Oh sweet sister. My heart yearned for her. How can I be so selfish?!? I have two healthy beautiful boys and this sweet young lady was yearning for one child. The Lord taught me a lesson. A lesson on being content, being grateful, and trusting that he knows what I need.

I did not end up having a hysterectomy but I did have to have a little outpatient surgery. It was hard. I was in pain for a couple of days, but once again God provided and knew my needs.

Today has been a hard day for my mom. She is just heading back to work this week after her surgery. She is still in a lot of pain. They are having their next round of lay-offs and some very near and dear people in her heart were cut loose. She is the person that takes care of the computers so she has to go in and take care of things as they leave for the last time. These people have been at the company forever! I have grown up knowing them. They are part of our family. It's really hard to see someone you care about lose their job, knowing how hard times are right now.

As I sit here thinking about this just the littlest thing popped into my head. My husband and I have been working diligently at getting our garden together at the family farm. It has been hot and dry around here. We were out the other night looking things over. The meteorologist kept saying it was going to ran and yet none came. As we left, I prayed in my heart, "Lord if it doesn't rain, we're going to end up losing everything. Lord, money is tight. We are depending on this food to help lower our grocery costs. Lord, I cry out- bring on the rain!" Do you know what it has done the past two days? RAINED! God knows our needs.

As I prayed "Lord bring on the rain". I think about how the rains of life come and toss us around, but you know what? Our sweet and almighty savior knows are needs and will always deliver us. It is just up to us to hold tight to him and have faith.

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