Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Dream and Shaklizing

*For all of those who are wondering, my mom is doing fine. She is feeling much better since her surgery.*

So since I have begun learning to sell Shaklee, I have really been thinking about my dream. They want to you to look ahead and see what you are working towards. I have big dreams. So here are the basics of them in the next 20- 25 years:

* I want to live on a paid for farm.

* I want to have begun breeding horses.

* I want to have a ranch hand to help me.

* I want to be totally debt free with my kids have gone through college or on their ways.

* I want to have enough land to build houses for my kids and their families to live on the family farm.

I really hope that beginning the Shaklee business will help achieve those dreams and make them a reality. So with that said, I have been Shaklizing my house. It's hard to sell healthy home cleaners and health products when my house is disgusting. So I have been cleaning and putting Shaklee products out.

So now to the new product I love: Shaklee Basic-G.

It is now known that household cleaners are the cause of 75% of respiratory problems. Shaklee's cleaning products are non-toxic and are easy to use. They are also a great economical product. A 16 oz bottle of concentrate makes more than 5000 bottles of windex! Incredible, isn't it? I love the fact that I can hand my 3 yo this cleaner and let him help without being worried about how it will affect him. These are truly awesome cleaning products! If anyone is interested in doing a review on their blog about Shaklee cleaning products just contact me and I would love to send you a sample to try out! For more Things I Love Thursday head on over to Diaper Diaries.

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