Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm doing so bad....

at this blogging thing lately. I have had a lot on my mind and a lot going on. This week is going to be crazy! Here's a quick little look:

Monday: I am here at my parents waiting on a package for my dad. I also bought a ton of flowers to plant for my mom (more on that later). So I will be planting flowers and waiting for a package that is important to my daddy so its important to me! After I get done waiting on the package or doing the flowers whichever comes last, I will be heading out to the garden to put the rest of it out and weed. I am going to be tired!!
Dinner tonight: Grilled chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, or hamburgers with green beans and oven fries.

Tuesday: In the morning I am going to be doing whatever I can to get the house picked up a little then in the afternoon and evening I am going to be at the hospital with my dad waiting on my Mama to come out of surgery.

Dinner: Tacos

Wednesday: In the morning I am once again going to be trying to get my house in order and then in the afternoon and evening I am going to be taking care of my Mama (she doesn't want me to, but I am giving back for all those years that she gave :)) . My anniversary is today!

Dinner: Pancakes and Sausage

Thursday: School in the morning, cleaning and meetings in the afternoon.

Dinner: Pasta and sauce

Friday: Oh sweet Friday: I am going to be cleaning and getting my house presentable. I will probably have afternoon meetings with Donna and Sandy.

Dinner: Meatloaf with baked potatoes and carrots

Saturday: Doing something for my anniversary! I refuse to cook or clean!

Sunday: Church and for meal time, something in the crockpot!

So there you have it! A busy week. Head on over to organized junkie for more meal plans. The reason I am doing a lot of cleaning and trying to make my house presentable is because I have started a Health and Wellness business. I am really excited but when people come to meet at my house and we are discussing home care products and my house is trashed- that does not send a great advertising message! So here is my quick advertisement... Please contact me if I could at all tell you about the products!

Friends, do you know why a healthy home and family are so important to me? My family is my reason. Do you have a reason for a healthy home and family? Do you know how easy it is to get your family on the road to better health? Do you know how easy it is to make your home a more healthy environment? I invite you to come and hear or ask me about my story - how Shaklee has transformed my life already. I am excited to share it with you. I hope that you will head over to and look at the wonderful products that can help achieve a healthier life, family, and home.

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shopannies said...

we were thinking tacos this week as well