Friday, November 12, 2010


Are you in a rut when it comes to Christmas cards? Have NO idea how you are going to afford getting out nice and attractive Christmas pictures/cards to your friends and family?

I know that I am VERY particular about our Christmas cards. We have done it all- cards, photos and family letters. It all leaves me feeling exhausted. I was especially exhausted and weary about the whole Christmas card tradition this year due to being so pregnant. How will I get Christmas cards or letters or photos out at all with having a small baby?

Enter Shutterfly!

Over at Fancy Farm, my good friend, Courtney, blogged about this opportunity. Not only are there GREAT cards for what I think are reasonably priced, there is a chance to get 50 cards free! Did you hear me?! I said 50 cards free!! I don't know about you, but free gets me all excited!

We are planning on using shutterfly for not only our Holiday cards but also birth announcements. I really liked this card because with having a baby, I'm not sure that we will get them out in time for Christmas. I also liked it because there are three places for photos on the right  (my soon to be three little angels) and then a larger photo on left in which we can try to squeeze in a family shot or a picture of all three boys together.

While I really like the options of photo gifts and calendars (and I wish I had the time or energy to have a party and send out these), the idea of choosing speical Holiday gift tags is just too cute to me!

What do you think? Out of all those neat little options, what would you choose?! I am starting to second guess my decision. Some of those photo gifts are too cute- especially this ornament!

If you are interested in your 50 FREE cards from Shutterfly and you are a blogger, take a gander here!

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