Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cutting Ties

Lately, I have been convicted. I am dedicated to trying to get my family back to the "simple life". However, my actions and the steps I am taking just don't show that importance.

I was reading this blog post the other day about making permanent lifestyle changes and it spoke to me. There are MANY habits I need to change. I just need to "bite the bullet" - "take the plunge" and cut ties.

There are many "necessities" that aren't really necessities being used around here. Therefore, I have compiled a goal list of where I want to be and when. You know I love lists and you can never have too many! :)

Friday May 27 - Cutting ties with shampoo for myself first and then possibly others. I will be embracing the "no poo" method.
Friday June 3 - Cutting ties with the clothes dryer. We have been slowly moving towards this but inevitably we get behind or lazy and revert to using it.
Friday June 10 - Cutting ties with store bought bread. I always get in good habits doing this and once again I get lazy or something happens.
Friday June 17
- Cutting ties with the dishwasher.
Friday June 24 - Cutting ties with disposable diapers. Lincoln WILL be toilet trained or we will go back to using cloth for him.
Friday July 1 - Cutting ties with grocery stores. We will be planning ahead enough to get what we need from the produce delivery, farm or co-op. Other than that, no stores.

On major cutting ties area that will just be for a short time but will need a lot of preparation will be a spending freeze from December to February. The only spending we will be taking part in is fresh milk and eggs from the farm.

That means:
  1. We will need to be working diligently to ensure enough food is put up for the winter months.
  2. We will need to make sure gift ideas are began and finished by December for Christmas.
  3. We will need to have an idea for Kristian's first birthday and have the materials on hand.
With cutting ties with the stores and with the spending freeze, I am hoping to wean my family away from even more "processed" foods. An example is spaghetti noodles. I know spaghetti noodles are not "processed" food per say but they must go through some kind of process in a plant or warehouse from I don't know where with I don't know who/what touching my food. 

How about you? Any ties you want to cut with "necessities" in your home? Have you? What's holding you?


Jhona O. said...

Oooh! I've been wanting to try the "no poo" way!! I've been nervous to try it. I can't wait to hear about your experience there. You know, we had been without a dishwasher for many years and have one in the place we're at now. I MISS not having one. Never thought I would but I sure do. I find myself rinsing dishes off after I take them out of the dishwasher because they smell "sweet". It's strange. OH GRANOLA!!!! I just remembered. Dang! I hope I have your e-mail addy. Just in case I don't: is where I found my recipe. I do not use the powdered milk though. And I add different types of dried berries. Just make it your own:)

Homestead Wife said...

I'm also trying to sever ties with things such as the dryer and store bought chicken. We do pretty well with the dryer in the spring, summer and fall but we use in the winter though I try to hang dry at least half the load.We are going to be raising meat chickens very soon. Good luck everything that you listed !! :)