Friday, June 3, 2011

"No poo" Update: Friday, June 3

I have officially been going strong on the "no poo" method for seven days. It's actually been quite easy and not nearly as embarrassing as I had thought it would be.

For the first five days, I did NOTHING. Nothing at all. I didn't even rinse my hair. I just left it be and took a shower - just cleaning my body. I know - eww!

After those five days, I started feeling yucky so I began washing my hair with a solution of 1/3 cup of baking soda to 1 quart warm water. I put it into an old shampoo bottle and used it over my hair. It was extremely runny. It was almost just like running water through my hair and massaging at the same time. After rinsing my hair thoroughly, I took a bottle of apple cider vinegar and just poured some over my head. Yes - not the most economical and Yes - for a moment I smelled like the inside of a Long John Silver's but after rinsing the vinegar out, the smell soon dissipated.

For the most part, I only had a couple of really greasy days. I would say probably the first five. After that it has been good, I think. No one has said that I look greasy anyway.

I will warn you, though, that as you take part in this little experiment your hair texture, color, etc. will all begin to change. I almost felt as if I had lifted all the chemicals from my hair and I was now finding my new hair. It was really exciting!

I am really struggling with the wavy, curly in the back, straight on the side issues going on with my hair. However, I am determined to do nothing - curling iron, hair dryer, rollers, etc. - that will make any difference in this experiment.

Are you taking the "no poo" challenge? How's it going for you? If not, why not? Fears? Hesitant?