Friday, November 16, 2012

The Battle Within

Many changes are happening at the Davis Dwelling...

So much to talk about. I have recently began an adventure into Direct Sales and it took off with a boom! Yet there is still this constant battle within. This battle telling me to simplify my life. Telling me to make time slow down. Telling me that this is not my dream.

With the government the way it is, I am scared. I am nervous. We are on the edge of a financial collapse. Am I the only one who sees it and feels it? I think not.

Even with that feeling, I have allowed us to stay right where we are with our finances. NOT GOOD! So I am back and I am ready to fight debt with all I have. I am going to open our wounds and let you see the real stuff. Not the stuff that feels good and makes it look like we've got it together because we don't. Not at all. The stuff that makes us vulnerable and holds us accountable. The stuff that shows we are human but with God's help, we can conquer.

Will it be easy? I think not.

But will it be worth it? I am sure it will.

Please join me and take part in your own debt obliteration OR just sit back and pop some popcorn and watch and join us as we celebrate and struggle. We are going to do this.

First goal - Current by January 1st! Who's with me?!

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