Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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This is the skirt I am wearing in gray today... Why have I begun to wear skirts you might be asking... Because I'm crazy! No not really. I do have a couple good reasons or at least they are good in my opinion. :)

The Bible says:
In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. 1 Timothy 2:9-10
It is, I believe, the opinion of each individual on whether to wear skirts or pants, cut their hair or not, weat make-up or not, OR wear jewelry or not, however the Bible does call for us to be dressed modestly. I do wear make-up time to time and I do wear a little bit of jewlery.

I was not a big skirt or dress wearer, but that changed a few months ago and I have just recently began to force myself into wearing a few skirts.

Here are the short reasons for why I wear skirts more now:
  • God convicted me. He told me that I was not taking good care of myself and I was not being an example for my children. Just because I was a mom, doesn't mean I should neglect myself and my body.
  • I am now at a point where I am content with my life (it took a lot of praying and seeking the Lord). If I only have two sons, I want to show them what modest femininity looks like. I want to be a Godly example of how woman should dress.
  • If I am blessed with daughters, I want to be the example that you can be modest and look nice. I want them to look at me and see confidence in what I am wearing and with everything all covered.
  • I want to look nice for my husband. I know this and all the above examples can be achieved through jeans and a nice sweater, but it just wasn't working for me. I had to get out of the maternity pants and sweats suits. This was my only option. I am very an "all or nothing" personality.
  • I feel better. I was beginning to forget, in a house of all males, that I was a woman and it was okay to not be one of the guys.
  • And I am being completely honest here, after I started wearing them, I have begun to like how the feel. I like that I'm not worried about my backend hanging out or my pants splitting. It just gives me room to move (side note... all skirts I wear at this point are long).
I know that wearing skirts might now work for you, but they work for me in making me feel like more of a woman, a Godly standard for my children and future children and skirts got me out of my sweats.

Have you ever thought of giving skirts a try?
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The Rambling Housewife said...

I have toyed with this idea in the past. My biggest frustration with it, is that I don't really like wearing tights all day. And I'm a bit too heavy to not wear something like that under my skirt. Also, I've had a hard time finding long skirts that are flattering for my figure. Those tiered peasant skirts and gathered-at-the-waist ones really don't work for me, because of my "generous" hips. But, it is a nice idea, and I definitely agree with all your reasons. I don't think that jeans are inherently immodest, but it's so difficult to find a pair that really fits, that skirts certainly make modesty more simple. I'll have to keep thinking about this!

Eden said...

Thanks for sharing! I hadn't considered wearing only skirts and probably won't. But since many of my pants don't fit, maybe I'll buy more skirts. And maybe I'll increase how often I wear skirts from currently being Sunday only. Althought it probably won't happen this week as it's too cold! That's why I like pants - they're warmer. Now in the summer, skirts are awesome and I'll try it this year to wear more skirts.

MrsKBJ said...

I have a couple of long skirts, you make me want to pull them out and wear them :O) They are comfy. I just tend to wear workout clothes or jeans. I will have to add a skirt in there once a week :O)

Jhona O. said...

I enjoy wearing skirts so much. I was skirts only for a while. Then I lost weight and my skirts and dresses no longer fit properly. I am re-building my wardrobe and only have ONE pair of jeans that I wear on occasion. I am NEVER comfortable in them as I am so used to wearing skirts. There is freedom in not having to worry about my pants:) I love the way I feel in my skirts and I love the way I'm treated when I wear them. I especially love the way my Hubby treats me in them! I love that you posted your reasons. You put them very well. They are all reasons that I hold for myself as well. I find most of my skirts at the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Both GREAT places to find long skirts! I also love to wear leggings under my skirts for warmth. I'm not really fond of tights and nylons. But I do when I need to:)

Hannah said...

I would very much like to wear skirts more often - even exclusively. I like the way I look in them, I like that I feel more feminine.
It would take a bit of a wardrobe overhaul, and I think that is what's holding me back. But I'd love to make it happen sometime.

Courtney said...

That's a super cute skirt! I went through a period a few months back where I wondered if I should be wearing skirts and even a headcovering. However, my husband didn't want me to, so it is my act of submission not to. To each his own, I suppose. :)
I do wear a lot of skirts in the summer because I really do like them and I look like a big fat cow in shorts and pants are too blame hot.

Teaching Money to Kids said...

through the years I have had different jobs that had skirts/dresses as the dress code. I remember how comfortable they were. Now that I am home, I find it difficult to get up and down in long skirts, but maybe after this baby comes...
Another thing you didn't mention, is what a witness you are to others. people will recognize that there is some thing different about you, because you are holding ahigher standard.

Anonymous said...

I too wear skirts amost all the time. It started out to remind me that I was a woman and and feel Feminine. I had lost the I'm important too feelings. Now, I wear them all of the time except if it's below 0 and very windy. I've also learned to wear leggings or most often a light weight elastic pair of pants under the skirt to keep wind off of my skin. In the summer you can wear bike shorts for modesty issues. I learned this from some Pentacostal ladies at Kings Island when we were waiting to get on rides (The Beast) -maintains modesty if your skirt blows around.