Monday, February 1, 2010

Breakin' Goals Up

If you remember, I have quite the large number of goals this year. I have decided since these goals were ones I actually wanted to accomplish,  that it might be easier and the goals might be more attainable if I break them up and re-evaluate every month.

Therefore, this past weekend, I sat down and thought about what goals I wanted to make priority this month of February.

I know sometimes I see someone's post about goals and lists and I just want to click the "x" at the top left so I totally understand if that is the case, but lists and goals are a very important part of my personality. Putting them on the net for all to see also makes me try and stay more accountable than if I never voiced or typed them at all. It also helps my husband and me stay on the same "page". He is an always, everyday reader of my blog and when he sees my goals for this month after we have talked about them, it's a little refresher. It makes both our lives a little easier. :)

February 2010 Goals:

  • Work through the book of Deuteronomy

  • Work through the Love Dare Book

  • No more meals in front of the TV, all meals around table spending time together
  • Consistently continue Saturday family movie night 
  •  Keep on track
From the Kitchen:
  • More soaking
  • Kefir from grains
  • Kombacha Tea
  • No more than 5 debit card purchases. Use more cash!
  • Organize ALL closets
  • Finish "Family Driven Faith" (see left toolbar for more info)
So how are your goals for the New Year going or just lists and goals in general?

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