Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Making Memories

We are/have been on vacation. We came down for my best friend's wedding and decided to rent a house with my parents for the remainder of the week.

We really didn't have an agenda or anything that we wanted to do after the wedding but take it easy and embrace life at a slower pace. Andy has been working a lot and the boys (and I as well! <3) have been yearning for his undivided attention.

The trip started out with a good but hectic trip through three airports with three little people. The airplane ride was nice compared to driving but keeping the boys entertained and quiet was quite a job. They were really well behaved, it was just trying. I was trying to keep the baby (who has taken up screaming - shrill at the top of his lungs) quiet and Andy would try and keep one of the other boys entertained.

We then came into a major city and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We then went right into the rehearsal - Dylan the ring bearer and I a bridesmaid - and were constantly busy with wedding activities. Poor Andy was stuck in the hotel room with the other two. If I were him I would have been crying and pulling my hair out.

The morning of the rehearsal, we woke up to Dylan having pink eye. I tried to get into contact with my friend to find a pharmacy and we got the doctor to call in a prescription, not knowing the pharmacy was closed. By the time we figured out the pharmacy was closed, the doctor's office was closed as well. Fortunately, eye drops seemed to do the trick.

As the week goes on, we've had many issues arise. Yesterday, the baby barfed all day and we were constantly cleaning up the mess.

Today we were determined to make memories. We decided to set up to Big Lou's Pizza. A pizza house that was featured on one of our favorite shows, Man v. Food. As we were pulling in, we saw a bus of school kids unloading. I took the baby and ran, all the way praying that this would be a good experience, to the front door.

As we sat down and began ordering, I hear "MOMMY!". As I looked over I saw that Dylan had poked a whole through his ginormous drink of red Hawaiian Punch. It was spilling out everywhere. I was tempted to get upset and make a huge deal but when I looked at the look of embarrassment in my son's eyes, I just cleaned up and joked with him. He was still embarrassed and very wet and sticky but we eventually moved on and made it a memory. We had a great time at that pizza house!

This vacation has and I'm sure will have more stressful and embarrassing moments but we have made great memories as a family that I'm sure we will never forget. So next time something happens, choose to laugh at it and make a memory instead of a time of tears and frustration. Some day, I'm sure you'll look back at it and smile.

"Don 't hurry. Don't worry. You're only here for a short visit. So don't forget to stop and smell the roses. " - Walter Hagen

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