Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jesus isn't in the Manger - A Christmas Tale

As I sit and reflect on Christmas a couple of days ago and the time leading up, I am sad. I am disappointed. I was blessed but something was missing. Someone was missing. I misplaced Jesus. He not only wasn't in the manger, He wasn't at the center of my thoughts.

Every year, I begin to prepare for the Advent season and every year, it seems, I get off track. The hustle and bustle is more than I can take. I give up before it even gets started. I am overwhelmed. I am saddened by the commercialism and materialism. I stop. My excitement wanes. I hide.

For five days we ran back and forth, each moment slammed packed with another celebration. Another place to be. It was too much. By Christmas morning, the boys were holding on to the door frame and we were pulling them trying to get them to go to another event. They just wanted to be still (How often can you say that for boys!?). They just wanted to play. It broke my heart but I had to get us to the next place.  If we weren't there and there on time, someone might be angry. Someone's feelings might have been hurt.

As I sit here and reflect, I cannot help but wonder where Jesus was in my celebrations. Only speaking for myself, He wasn't at my heart and mind's center. Jesus was missing from the manger. The reason my heart yearns to celebrate was not present.

I cannot help but wonder how many people especially mamas feel like this during the Holiday season? How many feel that Jesus was missing from the manger? And as mamas and women of faith, how can we make sure our hearts and minds are focused on the baby that lay there?

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