Monday, January 7, 2013

Organizing Your Stuff

I feel kind of like an imposter writing a post on organization.

Honestly quite often, I do the bare minimum. Enough to get by. But often times, it is not nearly enough and I find myself ready to pull my hair out.

This year and on, I want to be diligent in being good stewards of my blessings by organizing them.

My first step is my time. I have been allowing time to run me and not the other way around. I want to be intentional about a routine and putting events directly on the calendar.

There are also many different daily planners (also known as homemaking binders) that you can put together. (Click here to view mine... ) You can go to almost any homemaking blog and search and there homemaking binder will appear. The important thing is to mold it to what works for you and your home.

The next area to work on is organizing the material stuff. After I have decluttered, every will have a "home" or a place it belongs. This is vital when trying to teach little people to put away. If there is a specific home, they know the place it belongs and there is no question.

There are MANY organizational tools and products out there. Many homemakers and moms find that Organized Junkie is an awesome resource.

As soon as I have my home decluttered from the Christmas craze, I am going to begin finding homes for everything. I feel a long road ahead of me but one that I am sure will be worth every minute!

What are your organizing tips and secrets?!

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