Friday, November 21, 2008

Looking Towards My Weekend...

My weekend looks like it is going to be jammed packed! Tomorrow I have to run some errands. I am going to pick up some food. A local church does the Angel Ministry and they were doing - buy one unit and they will give one away. So... I bought one unit. Therefore, I have a set time I have to and get my unit. Then I need to help my husband find our Christmas decorations so we can put them up next Friday. I need to clean because I refuse for my house to be a mess over Thanksgiving. I need to clean out my car there was a Pepsi incident. Then I need to get a gift wrapped for a Birthday Party at 11A. Then I am coming home and finishing whatever of my list I didn't get done. After that we are having some friends over for a potato and chili soup bar and watching Lord of the Rings 1.

Then we get into Sunday and that's church, a birthday party, and church again!

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