Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winding up a Hectic Weekend

This past weekend and the few days before have been hectic. We are getting ready to get into a hectic time of year. I have THREE days to get things together and things are really starting to add up. To top it all off- I feel pretty bad. There are also a few things that just popped up as things always do. So here is a quick list of things I will try to get down each day. It looks like a boring week because I will be at home most of the time but it will not be boring with all the things I need to get done. So here begins the list....

* Make Thanksgiving sugar cookies to 3 yo's preschool party on Tuesday
* CLEAN UP kitchen -mop
* CLEAN UP dining room -mop
* CLEAN UP our bedroom
* CLEAN UP boys bedroom
* Go through Christmas gifts
* CLEAN UP living room
* CLEAN UP toy room
* CLEAN lower level bath
* laundry/ laundry room -- Tuesday and Friday
* Mop the Rest of tile
* Clean carpets
* Master bathroom
* boys bathroom
* Get down Christmas decorations

Dinner Plans:

Monday) Chicken and Noodles with mashed potatoes
Tuesday) Tacos
Wednesday) Bourbon Chicken with rice
Thursday) Thanksgiving dinner
Friday) Breakfast for dinner
Saturday) Marinated chicken in sauce with pasta

Just a quick look at what I am going to be doing during the early days of next week... I am also planning to try and get to the gym Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The husband wants to run on Tuesday so we will be doing that.

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