Friday, August 28, 2009

Frugal Friday and some Serious Yet Random Thoughts

In the economy that is most certainly hitting everyone, as a parent I am always looking for cheap (translated free! :) ) places to take the kids. The library is a great resource but so often (having boys full of energy!) we want to go some place where we can talk and run around.

We so happen to live walking distance from a widely-known (supposedly, I never thought it was that great until now!) metro park. It's called Carriage Hill. About 3 weeks ago, my aunt and I took our boys there looking for something to get their energy out. They had so much to offer. Outside, there were animals and it was set-up like a Settler's or Early Days colony. They were churning butter and sewing. So much for the kids to learn. Inside there was all kinds of rooms for play and learning. It was a really neat experience! So this Frugal Friday, I am encouraging everyone to look into their metro parks, there could be a great (free!) experience waiting for you!

For more money saving tips, check out Life As Mom.

Now for some serious yet random thoughts:
  • I have began reading Revelation in my quiet/Bible time. I am truly on the move to tell people about Christ! Can you imagine the people you love most not with you for eternity?!?
  • That is (above) is one of my greatest fears!
  • I am also reading the book Home the Most Important Place on Earth (book review in a couple of weeks) by Robert Wolgemuth (I think I spelled that correctly!). It is a powerful book about how our Christian homes should be. Today I read about how we need to quit using "You are.." and then something negative in our homes. It talks about how words are bullets and they are lethal! So today my focus is to stop saying " You are so loud!" or "You are a mess!", etc....
  • Life as a mom is always exciting. As I am writing this, Lincoln is "butt bumpin" down each of the stairs with a poopy diaper and laughing as the poop flings out the side. Oh the thrills of parenting! These are the kind of parties you miss out on, Honey! Better go and clean that... Be right back!
  • Okay here I am... And my final random thought is.... Drum roll, please! I read Dr. Dobson's book Bringing Up Boys! and in it Dr. Dobson talks about how every boy is going to "play with guns" it's just part of being a boy. If you don't give them a gun, they will use their fingers or find something to pretend. Now, I will admit, we are a country kind of family and guns are part of hunting. There are NONE in our home! I have bought the boys guns, but here is my dilemna. When does it go overboard? When is it okay to shot someone? Where? Is it necessary to be shouting "I shot you dead!" every time they run down the stairs? If y'all can help me out on this one I would greatly appreciated the advice and tips...
So there is my frugal, random thought, crazy day! Hope y'all have a good one!!!

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