Friday, August 28, 2009

A Quick Little Update...

I am quickly typing this post for three reasons:
  1. To tell y'all that I'm not going to be on here ALL weekend.
  2. To make a to-do list that I can follow and that my dear, sweet husband can see when he read this... :)
  3. To let my friends and family, who check this blog to see what I'm up to, know that I am one busy girl this weekend!!
So here is my to-do list (I'm getting anxious just typing it):
  1. hang our pictures up in the back room since we rearranged it.
  2. can my last bushel of green beans.
  3. make and can salsa and tomato soup.
  4. catch our laundry up.
  5. get our home picked back up.
  6. finally get our bedroom finished.. I've been cleaning out! Our bedroom is the last "in house" room.
  7. clean our our garage.
  8. my nephew's birthday party.
  9. and last but not least.... spend time with my precious little blessings... :)

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