Tuesday, August 25, 2009

GratiTuesday -- A Plentiful Harvest

I cannot get this picture thing to work today but I hope you get the idea! Today I am so thankful for the plentiful harvest the Lord has given us. As we were out in the garden and the heat, it was a bit overwhelming. Though, after a lot of work and prayer and the Lord's hand, we have put up enough food to last us through the whole year- plus!

The other major blessing coming from our garden is the means to give others in need food. Locally, the economy has plummeted. Many of our friends are out of work and struggling. Andy and I are so blessed by the good job he has been given. It was really hard watching our friends struggle and feeling like we could do nothing to help, but through our abundant garden we have been able to bless them as well!

While tending to the garden, I was reminded that the Lord knows our needs. He sees that his children are struggling and he cried with us but rejoices when we are faithful. The Lord knew that we needed this garden and he provided. So while I am thankful for the garden and the blessings of nourishment it has provided, I am also most thankful for a Lord that knows our needs and provides and loves us.

Now I am going to put up my last bushel of green beans for the year... I am at 154 quarts so far do you think I can get to 200? :) Blessings today!

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Carrie said...

I can hardy wait until next year when I hope I can finally have a garden. I think a small garden though...

How in the world do you process and store that many beans! How did you ever get that many quarts! And if you have that many beans how much other stuff do you have.

That is amazing, but Yikes, I simply can't imagine how you manage it all!!! Blessed indeed!!!