Monday, August 24, 2009

Lesson Learned from Teaching my Kids

Today it hit me that often I am trying to teach my children lessons that I struggle with and if I just learned to listen to what I try to teach my children, I might just be better off. Have you ever had that feeling?

Today we were discussing being thankful for what we have been given. That included four bullet points:
  1. Give thanks to God. We have MANY MANY things that other people do not and we should be thankful that God has blessed us abundantly.
  2. Be content with what we have.
  3. Take care of what we have.
  4. Don't waste what we have been blessed with.
I think this is a hard lesson for everyone but as I was talking to Dylan, it hit me that often I am not grateful and content with what we have and I so often want more. I am thankful that God put that little discussion on my heart so that I could remember that it is something that I struggle with also.

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