Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blogging Goals 2010

I first learned about Savvy Blogging from The Happy Housewife and I have been following Savvy Blogging through twitter.

I don't know that I am real into making this blog an income generator or business but it would be nice. I just don't know if I'm to that point yet. (Am I good enough writer? How do I get people to visit? Oh the anxious thoughts that come when I begin to think about it...) Writing is a hobby (as is blogging) that I enjoy. It helps relieve the pressures of life and it helps me escape into my peaceful, quiet little world (which isn't always the case at my house...)

However, I would like to get more people involved in my blog. I (in my opinion) believe that I have information that many women (and men) could use and appreciate AND opinions many will share.

Therefore, my 2010 blogging goals are:
  • Take more time and research topics more.
  • Take part and commenting on more blogs and carnivals.
  • Blog consistently, yet have few posts with more depth.
  • Take time away. Do not constantly check sitemeter and comments. That quickly brings negative feelings and burnout.
  • Blog while my family is busy. I need to either rise earlier or blog during quiet time. Blogging should not take the place of time with my family or giving them the care they need.
  • Most importantly, pray over and surrender my blog to the Lord.
What are your 2010 goals? Head over #SavvyBlogging on Monday!

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