Monday, December 21, 2009

Date Nite

Today is GratiTuesday over at Heavenly Homemakers. I have something that I am very grateful for and cannot wait to share it with you...

As a mother, I find that I hardly ever take the time for myself none the less my husband and myself. I am finding that for days at a time, I am not leaving our home and the kids are always occupying my mind and all my attention.

The teens in our church youth group are going to be attending an International Youth Convention this upcoming summer. They are trying to earn money. (Enter great and makes me oh so grateful

They decided around the Holidays, they would provide childcare at a reasonable (I think too cheap!) price on Saturday evening from 6P-9P at our church.

Andy and I totally took advantage of this... What a great idea for us to drop our kids off and get time together, while supporting an awesome purpose!

We really enjoyed our time together. It made our marriage stronger. It made me notice that I did not a little adult interaction. AND it made me feel like I wasn't just a mother, but a wife and a woman. A wife and woman which God made to have feelings and needs of her own. It was an awesome experience.

I do not know if they are going to continue this new fundraiser. However, I am all for the continuation! :)

So if your church youth group is looking for a great and servicing fundraiser, this is one idea I would throw out to you! AND if there is nothing like this available to you, I highly recommend finding time to get out of the house with your husband. It is always nice to be reminded that you are more than a mother (even though it's nice to be that too!)
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