Sunday, December 20, 2009


This week I have gone through all the toys in our home. It took forever but it was such a freeing experience.

I don't go through things in our home as often as I should but I went through everything room by room this past week. Our home is free of clutter for the moment...

I have strong opinions about clutter in my life. Some people like nick-nacks. That is not me. I really believe with clutter (aka nick-nacks), I begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed. When my home is cluttered, my life feels cluttered and disarrayed.

Therefore, I thinks it's vital for myself to go through things and get rid of them.

Today Andy and I were talking and after a great conversation, I felt myself purging my inner feelings. I have felt myself being bitter of past situations, discontent with things in my life and my heart and head cluttered with thoughts of stressful Holiday situations and many other things. After Andy went to take a nap, I went and took a long bath and just sorted through all the feelings and purging my negative feelings.

It occurred to me that I cannot completely appreciate and celebrate the birth of an incredible baby? It cannot....

Therefore, my home and my heart are singing verses of freedom from the clutter... What is your home singing a song about?
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momstheword said...

Great post, my friend. Isn't it amazing how negative emotions can clutter up our spirit and cause us to sort of be enslaved by them?

Like you said, it can clutter our heads and our hearts and can cause us to lose focus on other important issues, like that baby born so long ago!

Thank you for posting!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

That was really encouraging Jodi! Way to go for you....I need to declutter, after sleep!

MommaMindy said...

Jodi, I love how you talked about the physical purging of toys and then just swept your way into the spiritual purging of a soul. Beautifully transitioned! Thanks for the encouragement.