Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Pictures

I know I've been posting a lot lately... BUT my new friend, Paige, has asked for Christmas pictures and boy, oh boy, did I feel like I should deliver... I am such a self-sacrificing friend! :)
So here are some of my favorite memories of Christmas '09....

*Christmas Eve at my Parents*

Caleb in front of the tree.
Tyler pretending all the presents were his.

My sweetheart and me...

My mom and Lincoln

My Daddy...

Caleb reading the Christmas story.

Dylan listening to the Christmas story

My Dad and Dylan messing around while waiting on another present!

*Christmas Eve Aunt Linda's (Andy's aunt)*

Lincoln scoping out the gifts!

Me and Jenni

*Davis Christmas Morning!*


Lincoln was super excited about getting an Incredible Hulk walkie talkie like his big brother!

The three most important boys in my life!

Mama with the best Christmas gifts ever!

Our Christmas breakfast: Sausage ball and sweet rolls.

The annual "get up early on Christmas morning and take a pic in our new PJs" family pic. Lincoln looks so tired buy I still think it is adorable!

Dylan looking so incredibly handsome!

*Christmas Lunch at Grandma Clapp's (My Grandparents)*
Uncle Mark and Cousin Catie

My Grandpa and Lincoln

Dylan opening his Nerf gun! Can you tell he's excited?

My cousin Catie helping Lincoln opening his gift.

*Christmas at Grandma Muirheid's (Andy's Grandma) Christmas*
This is me and my sister-in-law. She is great and one of my best friends!

Here is a picture of all three boys on the Davis' side, (left to right) Lincoln, Dylan and Ben.

Dylan made me so proud. He was so patient and grateful for all the gifts!

This is Andy's cousin, Jason. Next week I will be doing a post on Jason. Stay tuned. He is such an AWESOME and heart-warming guy!

Jason and Dylan. Dylan adores Jason. They are great buds!

Have any great Christmas memories? Head on over to Paige's and take part in the Blog Hop!

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Michelle said...

I keep seeing these sausage balls! I'm so going to have to give them a try:) Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for sharing!