Monday, December 28, 2009

trying to decide....

With all my New Year's goals and re-evaluating I am wondering if I want to take part in this challenge...

It would be really great to job start our money saving, using what we have, and being good steward goals... But do I really want to put that much into it?


Hm..... I feel like I blog a lot already, but I really enjoy it. It makes me feel better on track and in control... Do I really want to commit to this?


Hmm.... I really wanted to tell you about it and hope that maybe someone wanted to take part in it with me. It could be really good for a lot of us!

Hmm.... Ummm... Hmm... I'm thinking... Can't you tell? That's the sound of one incredible "thinker" working!

Hmm.... OK! Let's do it!

Wanna take part in this challenge with me? If you do, leave a comment... I love accountability partners!

Starting January 1st I will be taking part in the Eat From Your Pantry Challenge!

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