Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book Advent

My mom and dad read this book to me when I was a young girl. It is an awesome book. You read a story a day until Christmas. I have inherited this tradition and continue to do it with my children. From reading this book, came my idea of a Book Advent.

My boys are a little young yet to be going all crazy, and while I love the ideas such as the Jesse Tree, I am just not the motivated or together right before Christmas.

I just came up with it this year and have been trying to keep up with it as much as I can BUT I will be doing it next year.

The day after Thanksgiving, I will be going around and collecting all our Christmas books. I will then wrap them up and number them in a sort of organized order. An example is the above Christmas book will be number 1 to be opened on December 1st since it is a story a day until Christmas. I will do this all the way to the Nativity story on December 24.

So far, my kids are really enjoying this tradition. It keeps the books centered around Christmas, gives them an idea of how long it is until Christmas, and lastly gives them practice on opening presents.

Do y'all have any traditions you have started with Advent? Do you not struggle as much as I do with the fancier more in depth Advent ideas?

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Courtney said...

I like your book idea. Very creative!

We just started this year doing the Jesse Tree for each night of Advent. We haven't been as diligent and organized as I had hoped and had to play catch up a couple times. It's been good though and we'll definitely do it again next year.