Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Beginning of the Maker's Diet/ Menu Plan 4-13 through 4-19

So I am attempted the Maker's Diet... It is my last hope at not being overweight forever! So here is our menu plan for the first seven days of phase one on the Maker's Diet.

Monday, April 13
Green Beans
Steak and Steamed Brocolli

Tuesday, April 14
Vegetable Frittata
Green Beans
Grilled Chicken with salad greens

Wednesday, April 15
Fried Eggs
Chicken Salad with carrot sticks
Grilled Fish and steamed brocolli and carrots

Thursday, April 16
Partial Day Fast
Partial Day Fast
Oriental Red Meat Salad

Friday, April 17
Easy Egg Scramble
Coconut Milk Soup
Family Roast Beef with carrots

Saturday, April 18
BBQ Grilled Chicken with asparagus

Sunday, April 19
Vegetable Fritatta
Chicken Salad with celery and carrots

Okay friends- please be in prayer for me these next 40 days. This is totally not my excited eating! Please pray for my self-discipline and guidance from the Lord.

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Rona's Home Page said...

You have some terrific meals planned for this week.
Happy MPM!