Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Price Was Paid

This is a bitter sweet year when it comes to Easter. This is the first year that I have really studied it and tried to teach someone else about this amazing season. My son has been a delight - I have loved every minute of sharing the Easter Story with him. That is the sweet part. The bitter part is realizing just how much of a sacrifice not only Jesus, but God and Mary (Jesus mother) gave on my behalf.

I am not going to lead people on by saying that I have always been the kind of person that God calls us to be. Therefore, today I feel so blessed that someone loved me so much to send His only son for me AND Jesus loved me so much that He fulfilled God's plan.

This week as I have told my son of the Easter story, I have been deeply thinking about just how much Mary sacrificed for me without even knowing it. She started as an unwed mother and ended up watching her Son carrying all the World's sin on his back on a Cross. Would anyone of us especially me be willing to give up one of their children?

So as I sat here and write this post to you- a song is playing in my mind. An old hymn that isn't sang very much but the words are oh so powerful.

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