Sunday, April 26, 2009

Menu Plan April 27- May 3

First week on the Maker's Diet... Woohooo! Here is the conversation I'm having with myself:

Self ... You are really starting to worry me. You are actually excited about starting this diet! I cannot believe you... You don't even like any of those things very much.

You see I feel kind of like a kid. I have rules. I will find discipline and self-control. I will persevere- not only because I know with God's help I can but also because everyone is telling me I'm crazy and cannot do it... What does that make me want to do? Make them all look silly and wrong!

So here is my menu plan for dinners only. As I get the hang of this diet, I will add other meals and snacks.

Monday: Chicken Salad, greens, carrots, and strawberries
Tuesday: Garlic Pepper Steak and broccoli
Wednesday: Split Chicken Breasts grilled and green beans
Thursday: Egg Omelets and Turkey Bacon
Friday: Chicken-in-a-skillet
Saturday: Grilled Fish, Green beans, and Carrots
Sunday: Beef Stew

Happy Menu Planning! For more menu plans head on over to Organized Junkie.

1 comment:

Algebra Teacher said...

Good luck with your new diet! But this doesn't look like diet food. It looks too good to be diet.