Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where Have I Been?!?

Where Have I Been? That is a great question! I have been here and there and EVERYWHERE!

I have been trying to start a new diet and that ended up going bad. I started the Maker's Diet and the doctors who recommended it failed to look at all my other health issues and it ended up getting ugly. It has now ended up with a hurt foot from getting dizzy in the bath tub. This was the first of many hurts and feel bads so needless to say the diet has gone capote!

In comes my newest passion, Sunday my aunt called me and told me that a lady in our church was really into natural products and nutrition. Her name is Donna. I have been going to church all my life and have never really talked to Donna. My aunt told me to call her and chat with her about my ongoing health problems. I gave her a call and we hit it off!

So Tuesday she came over and told me about some products she sells and I was hooked! So now I am so into Shaklee products! So I am going to begin the Shaklee Cinch Inch program. It cost some many but after just trying a few of the products, I felt like a whole new person. So I am now a "member" and people can buy things through me! Isn't that exciting? So if you are interested in any natural products let me know. I will hook you up! So there is one place I have been.

Also, I have been out at the farm planting my garden. I have already put a ton of work into it and I am hoping that I will reap the benefits! A couple from church backed out of using their plot, so my grandparents doubled mine! I am so psyched!

So stay tuned for more updates! Have a blessed Thursday!

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