Thursday, April 23, 2009

He Just Wants Me to Be Proud

So today I figured something out for the hundredth time. My 4yo son, Dylan, just wants to make me happy and proud.

I have been having some health issues that leave me overwhelmed, tired, and might I say... a tad bit edgy. I really have not meant to but I have been snapping at the kids (and I guess I should admit, my wonderful husband) a lot more than I should be. I have really felt terrible about it.

So today as we are rushing around trying to get to the car for school (I am so glad to be homeschooling next year!), he drops his cereal all over the floor (I know, he should be having a more healthy beginning to the day than over processed, sugary cereal which has who knows what all in it..).

I feel my anger beginning to come up. I know it is so pathetic that I would get upset over that but these silly raging hormones are taking over. Instead of snapping at him, I just told him that it was okay and asked that he be more careful next time. With that, I walked into the other room to get book bags and all the things that pack mules, I mean moms, have to put in the car to go anywhere.

When I came back into the foyer, Dylan was yelling at me to come and look. He had picked up all the cereal and was just so excited to show me.

He looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said, " I did it all myself, Mama. You didn't have to ask. I just wanted to make you happy."

Now friends, if I would have snapped at him like I had felt like at first, I would have missed out on that beautiful moment where my sweet little boy (who is getting way too big too quick) just wanted to make me smile. He did more than that, he made my heart swell with happiness.

Don't miss out on all of those beautiful moments with your children because you are too high-strung, stressed, or busy to keep your anger and frustration at bay.

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