Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's About That Time of Year!

It is about that time of year again!!

What time of year you ask?!? I am so glad you asked because I just cannot wait to tell you!

It's Garage Sale time! I love garage sales, having them and going to them.

The tricks to having a great garage sale:
  1. Incredible pricing- For me having a garage sale is not only about making money but about getting things out of my house. I would like to make a little money but I REALLY don't want to take those things back in my house. So for kids clothes I always price them 25 cents/piece or 5 for $1. It is a huge hit and there are actually people who look for my sale year after year.
  2. Great Signs- My husband always makes great signs. Balloons help too.
  3. Having your big and interesting items outside for all to see. You want the those items to catch people's eyes as they are driving by.
  4. Smiles... People like to buy from kind people who smile and make them feel welcome.
Tricks to not spending too much money going to garage sales:
  1. Give your kids a set amount of money for the whole garage sale day. My oldest son get 50 cents to buy something that he and I agree on. After that money is he's done buying.
  2. Go with a list. If you just shop for things that may have a place in your home then you will be over run with clutter and spend money you did not need to spend.
  3. Take a van and go with a couple other families. Save gas money!
Garage sales can be a great source to find things in which your family needs at a great price. They key is that you shop smart and stick to your budget.

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