Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Back....

I'm back from a lovely weekend at Women of Faith. There were so many great speakers and messages that hit right where the the Lord wanted. It was incredible. Though, I am sure that I drove my mother and aunt nuts because I couldn't stand being away from my boys. Look up the words home-body in the dictionary and there is a big ol' picture of me right next to the definition.

I had an incredible time and I just love Mandisa! Anyway I am exhausted and headed to bed. There will be more pictures later once I get them from my mom's camera but here is a quick couple to show you the amount of Daughters that attended this event.
This is the line as we waited to get in... Early!!
Sorry-- Someone (of course not perfect little me) took a bad, blurry picture. More women!

All the women behind me!

Women waiting to get in an hour after it had started! Amen!!!

To find a Women of Faith Conference in your area click here!

Hope y'all have a blessed date with our Savior tomorrow as we head to His home and worship and praise His Almighty, All Powerful name!

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