Thursday, September 24, 2009

Family Fun!

This week the theme has been families. Today I really want to touch on some great FREE family activities that your family can do. These aren't all 5 Star activities but when doing anything with family, it is what you make of it. So here are a few ideas that my family take part in (we really like to eat so a lot of our activities are focused around food! :) ).

  • Family Movie Night - We take turns picking out movies and pop some popcorn. I really enjoy doing this on Saturday night. I don't typically like to plan things on Saturday evening due to being up for church early the next morning, so family movie night on Saturday works out great for us!

  • Pizza and Midweek Ministry Night- We always do this on Wednesday night, we make pizza (usually as a family) and then we pack into the car and go to our church's midweek ministry service. We are all in different classes once we get there but making before fun with dinner and the ride to church, makes it special.

  • In home and out door camp outs- The boys have a little tent that I like to set up and pretend camp with them. We make cheater smores (microwave) and lay in the tent with flashlights, telling stories. It is a blast! We also really like to go camping at campgrounds, a little mini-vacation.

  • Picnics

  • Hikes

  • Playing outside

  • Riding Bikes

  • Walks around the neighborhood

  • Family Farm Trips

  • Gardening together

  • Concerts in the Parks

  • Just playing together in the park

  • Family Dinners- this to me is the ultimate time to spend together. The time is already set aside, so why not use it to it's greatest potential? Talk to each other. Listen to each other and just love each other.

There are many great ideas for free or cheap family fun! Look in your local papers entertainment section. There are also two helpful sites that I have found for ideas, click here and here.

For more frugal tips and ideas, head on over to Life as Mom.

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