Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey Kids, It's Pizza Night!!

So we have made it a tradition to every Wednesday night have some kind of pizza. It has been a really great memory maker and treat for the boys!

Dylan is old enough to help and he loves that! I love knowing that every Wednesday is pretty set-- we're having pizza!

My kids also love that they get to have pizza once a week. Some kids would be really burnt out on the fact that it is almost always homemade, but not my kids, that just means that they get to help make it.

I also love knowing that every Wednesday night both boys are going to eat good!

I really enjoy making new (sometimes small and silly) traditions with my family.

For more ideas head on over to We Are That Family.


Jenny said...

Just stopping by from WFMW to check out your blog. It's pretty spiffy. :) And you have some great articles. I enjoyed reading the couple I looked at. You have officially gotten yourself another daily reader :)

Thanks for havin' me and hope to see you over at my bloggy. Have a great week.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I love pizza nights! I was just telling my DH the other day that we should make it a weekly thing.


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