Monday, September 21, 2009

GratiTuesday--- My Family

Going with my theme for the week (see this post), I want to take today to tell everyone how grateful I am for my family. God has blessed me more than I deserve. I started out as a young woman who didn't want to have kids and a family. I then found out I was pregnant. If you would have told me then how God had my future in His hands, I would have laughed at you (or while I was pregnant, hit you.. ). Even while I was having my first son, the nurses were asking how many kids I wanted and I would sharply reply -- My plan was none. Then I met my husband and I found myself yearning for more children. I now have two, Dylan (4 yo) and Lincoln (1 yo). I cannot believe The All-Knowing Lord could ever trust me with such blessings. I yearn to be the wife and mother they deserve and God wants.

I also have a great extended family. We are all very close and the best of friends. I would want nothing more than for my children growing up knowing all their relatives. Three out of the four sets of my great-grandparents were alive until I was in high school. I was so blessed to have known them. They have molded the person that I have become. Without their leadership and love, I would not have grown up to be the woman that I am.

My cousin, Catie, says it best, "Friends are good, but family are ALWAYS." She is only in high school and wise beyond her years. Catie is one of my best friends, even being years older, she is such a joy to spend time with. I love her so much.

My aunt, RJ, and my mom ARE my best friends. I watched a movie the other night and a quote from it was ...

"My family, you know the types that are wacked out, but you wake up in the morning but you still love them... that's NOT my family..."

I thought that was just the saddest thing (not the family was wacked, yet still loved). There are many issues that we do not agree on, but there are a few that are must important...
  1. We all know Jesus and strive to live for Him.
  2. We all love our families.
  3. We are all Mothers.
That is just the beginning of the list. I just love that we are always there for each other no matter what might come. I feel so sorry for women that are far away from their families. I just do not know how they coup. I would crazy. About a year ago, there was a job opportunity in New Zeland, we didn't take it. But every now and again, I joke that we should have went. Things would have been so much easier. I know that's not the case. But it's always nice to think things could be easier.

But today I just want the whole bloggy network to know that no matter I might say... I l.o.v.e my family!

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Audra said...

I love how God gently aligns our hearts to His will for our lives. Great post!