Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy 50th!

Today is my dear friend Colleen's 50th birthday if she were still here on Earth with us. Instead, she is in Heaven singing with the angels. On her birthday, I want to share a few things as if she could hear me...


  • I love how Dylan still occasionally refers to his blankie as "Queen". He misses you so. I love how much you loved him and he loved you.
  • I still cry every time I do our budget because I remember the countless hours we worked together on making my family's budget.

  • I love how you were always always so much fun when we went camping.
  • I love how you raced over when my dog needed help.
  • I miss having someone to call for "mommy" or "wife" advise.

  • I love how you and my mom were always the best of friends.
  • I love how every memory I have, you were a HUGE part of.
  • I love how even when you didn't agree with my baby shower, you still gave in and came because you loved us (;)).

  • I love and miss all the fun we had camping.
  • I love how you always lived for your family.
  • I love how you were such a friendly, "bring people in" at church. You brought so many people into our church and are sadly missed.

  • I love how strong you were through your battle with cancer.
  • I love how you glorified God through all you did, stuck to your faith, and never gave up.
  • Colleen, I love and miss YOU!

There are so many more, but to be honest friend, my emotions cannot handle anymore.

Happy 50th birthday my angel friend! I love you!!

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