Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Health Goals

I am an extreme Type A personality. I love my goals, I love my lists, and I love my structure. Get me out of those and there is one unhappy mama! Because of my love of goals and lists, I have come up with a list of ways to lose weight.

I have found that if I put down the goal lose 45 lbs. this year, things do not go well. It just seems like such a huge number and I end up giving up before I begin.

There fore I have concocted a list of goals which fit our lives and whatever happens.

Our list of goals are called "health goals" instead of "losing weight goals". Our goal should be finding good health and not just losing weight.

In gaining that attitude, we have been better at sticking to our goals. We are starting to feel better. I am hoping that the weight will come with the healthy living.

This frame of mind works well for my family and myself. For more ideas head on over to Works for Me Wednesday.

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{ L } said...

It's amazing how mindset changes everything! I need to apply this to myself too.