Friday, March 27, 2009

Frugal Friday- Staying Home

The Month of March I decided that my goal was to only fill up my gas tank one time. This shouldn't seem so hard since I live in a suburb of a big city that has every need I could possibly come up with in a 10 mile radius. There is only one kink, my son's school is 30 mi away. He only goes two times a week but the gas adds up.

I combined trips to stores, used what I had at the house and only drove to Clayton to Dylan's school. It is possible to only fill your gas tank once a month. I am excited that next year I will be homeschooling and will not have to make that 30 mi trek. How long could I go without putting gas in my car? I am also toying with the thoughts of walking to stores this summer and fall (I know I am spoiled but I am also overweight, have to asthmatic kids, and I am afraidy cat.)

I am learning that the more things I implement into being frugal, the more other areas in my life are changing- example, we started making food from scratch and started eating at home more, not only are our financial goals more obtainable but we are also seeing our waist size go down!

So I encourage you to combine your trips, walk instead of drive, carpool or any other idea you can come up with to help your finances. Those things also will help our environment! It's a two for one deal!

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Toni said...

We do this too! Granted, my husband works 30 mins. away so he uses more gas. But, I live across the street from my work and we homeschool! I rarely ever put gas in my van and I love it. Winter wasn't too good here in the Midwest (as you know), so it didn't allow for much walking. But now that spring is on it's way, we walk or bike everywhere (benefit of living in town.) Fortunately, we are within 10 blocks of almost everything we need on a weekly basis: park, library, dollar store, post office - it's great!!

Brooke said...

unfortunately, i couldn't do on one tank - but i'd love to get our gas budget down - we spend over $200 last month!

Brenda said...

What a great idea! Good luck on your weight loss.