Thursday, March 26, 2009

Real Quick Before Bed

I just love these pictures of Andy and the baby. Andy is the apple of Lincoln's eye. When Andy walks in- Lincoln sprint crawls to see him. It is so adorable. He follows Andy around everywhere. This is from the other night when we were grilling out. Linc worked so long to get Andy's attention but when he did it was soo worth it to him.

Dylan really wanted to learn to use the vacuum while we have been stuck at home fighting off sickness. So here are some pictures of my big boy, who also dressed himself. :)

Here is my bedroom when he is done.
In case you're wondering there is a pack and play on my side of the bed for Lincoln with all the sickness we wanted the boys in our room to make sure they were close when the fevers spiked.
Dylan has a make-shift bed floor bed on Andy's side. Andy and I have gotten very little sleep as you can imagine.

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