Sunday, March 8, 2009

Menu Plan 3-9 through 3-15

This week turned out horribly. After my last post about how things were looking up- the sky fell. I cannot believe that things can go so horribly in just three hours. So once again my house is still a disaster, though we did get the kitchen and dining room cleaned up, the rose bush pruned, and the Christmas lights finally down. Not only is my house a disaster but it is daylight savings time and I am exhausted and my kids are barely functioning. I also start back to babysitting this week. I think it will be a great thing. It will keep me at home and getting things back to routine. So since I will be feeding 5 kids every meal I am going to map out all we are going to be eating for each meal.

Green beans, cheese, and fruit
Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, and fruit salad

Jelly sandwiches, Carrot Sticks, and fruit
The family will be having pizza and I will be going to eat at Red Lobster for LNO (Ladies Night Out)

Hotdogs, Cheese, and fruit
Pasta with sauce

Cheese Sandwiches and fruit
Soup and sandwiches

Eggs and Bacon
Pork Stir-fry over rice

SATURDAY: (I am looking forward to a fun day with different friends activities)
Biscuits and Gravy
At the English's house for Lunch
At the Hamilton's house for a St. Patty's party!!

Some kind of muffins
Roast with carrots and potatoes with green beans on the side.

It is going to be a fun week of hopefully getting everything back together and routines back in place. Have a great week! For more great menu ideas go to Organized Junkie.

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