Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random Things This Wednesday Night

I just have a crazy assortment of ideas running around in my head so I am guess I will just blog them in the way they stir around....

  • I really like this bullet feature I am new to finding. It makes me feel like what I am saying is presented nicely and I am professional.. (bahhahah! :)).
  • We went to a fellowship meal at church tonight before we had our small groups. It was really nice. I used to go to them because it was a time not to cook but I have not been doing good enough being frugal. Group was okay. We are studying a book that I am not too fond of. The first week we go over what we read and answer the discussion questions. The next week we do what the book calls Transition Exercises. I really detest the transition exercises. I know that I should look to the Lord to speak to me through them but I just don't feel like I get anything out of them. I think part of this is because I am dealing with a spiritual warfare within. There are many components to it but lately I feel like the evil is winning. I have continually had things come up so I can't dive into the Word. I have been too busy to go to the Lord in prayer during the day and to be quite honest.... My attitude just sucks in general. I feel like a black cloud is following me around everywhere. Please pray for me.
  • I have not been doing as good with frugal self-discipline lately. Once I get become an official "pity party" host I don't do good with anything. My house has gone to pot, I haven't cooked, I haven't worked on making good financial decisions.. I just sit and stew. So needless to say I have not done will with being a good frugal, clean housed, hot meal made wife and mom.
  • My house is a crazy mess. I am right in the middle of getting things together for Mom's Mart Sale and so there is just piles of stuff everywhere. And once again, I have not been a good house cleaner of late. I really need to get off my butt and start getting it together. I always feel so much better when my house is clean and I am productive. It's just a matter of actually doing it.
  • We were supposed to go out of town this weekend to see my friend Toni and her family but I have been too sick to do so. I feel that I might keep their whole family up while I'm coughing all night. I really need to just get better already!
  • I am so sad for that family of the lady who was part of the hit and run last night. She ended up in a pond and everyone watched them pull the car out of the icy pond on the news. She died at the hospital later that night.
  • Tomorrow is Dylan's school pics and I have no idea what he is going to wear. That takes me to the point that I am ready for summer. The boys have been tied up in the house too long and are going stir crazy.
  • This has been one of the hardest times I have gone through since I have been married. I know this sounds stupid but I really just wish I was at home with my Mama. She always knew how to make me feel better even if I didn't tell her she did.
  • Lately I have been feeling like no one really knows me anymore. I feel like I am in a room with all kinds of people but I am still all alone. Am I depressed?!? I don't know.
  • I have been really short with my kids the past few days. I feel bad because I know they are feeding off of my mood but I still want to hold them accountable.
  • Yuck I am depressing!! Tomorrow I am going to get up and clean, exercise, read my Bible, and take care of my sons and myself. That is where I am going to start. I am going to do something and then just keep moving on to the next thing.
  • I really want to implement a Date night with Andy every week. I think that might help us out. So I am going to start planning a cheap date night once a week.
  • That is totally enough for now! Tomorrow I will have a much better outlook on life!

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