Sunday, March 15, 2009

Heavy Heart

Friends- I come to you tonight with a heavy heart. We had a great sermon today in church about how while on the Cross, Jesus asked that his mother be taken care of one of his disciples. He showed compassion to them both. In today's times, with all the money problem and such, we should be welcoming people into the church and not judging.

We should be saying, "Come in we have someone who will ALWAYS be there for you and his name is Jesus. He is with you always."

I was really exciting about this message. I get passionate when the church gets into touching others lives and outreach.

But friends I come to you with heavy hearts because just in the past week I know or someone I care about knows someone who has taken their lives. I'm saddens my heart. Did they know my Jesus? Did they know that he can heal all hurts and troubles, we just have to reach for him and ask? Did they know that He loves them? Did they know that I love them? Could I have shown them Jesus or brought His message to them?

I pray for their families and I pray that I have the strength to tell the Devil to get behind Jesus when the pain and the memories take over. Please pray with me also.

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